Tailormade Logistics certified as a Pioneering Employer 2023

Tailormade Logistics is proud to be part of a select group of 71 companies that received the certification ‘Pioneering Employer 2023’ this week, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. Tailormade Logistics is working towards a better, more sustainable future for our planet. A road that we walk, together with our employees, customers and partners.

Charter Pioneering Employer

The charter ‘Pioneering employer’,  launched in 2020, puts the focus on employees and wants to start a dialogue about hybrid working and new mobility. 

3 pillars that underpin the Charter Pioneering Employer

HR Manager, Jessica De Block: “Sustainability is a part of the Tailormade Logistics DNA.
The 3 pillars that underpin the Pioneering Employer charter: fewer trips, people-oriented hybrid working and sustainable mobility, are topics we were already working on.
It seemed like a logical step to join the Pioneering Employer charter."

Certification process

Tailormade Logistics has been working on sustainable service offerings for customers that share our vision and concern for the planet, like a strong multimodal offering or HVO as an alternative for diesel fuel. 
Jessica: “The Pioneering Employer project forces you to take a different approach to the same theme and ask yourself the question: is our organisation ready for the talent of tomorrow?
The certification process forces you to evaluate your choices regarding mobility and hybrid working. Pioneering Employer is a learning process. Participating companies are encouraged to exchange expertise and get inspired by each other.
The process starts with a self-evaluation to benchmark your current efforts and to help you decide which topics to get started with.”

Fewer trips and alternative modes of transport

“Being a Transport en Logistics company, we are in close proximity to our customers, with hubs in 6 provinces. For this reason, we decided to first work on removing inefficiencies and optimizing trips as part of our certification process for Pioneering Employer 2023.”, says Jessica.
“Where possible, we opt for remote collaboration and stimulate the use of alternative means of transport to reach our locations.
We are also making the transition to a 100% electric car park, including the necessary charging infrastructure. This year, we will be installing 120 charge points across all our locations.”

Both a starting point and a statement to the world

The certification Pioneering Employer 2023 is a starting point for Tailormade Logistics. A path that we intend to continue on for the coming years.
“This certification is important to us as a statement to the outside world. It informs the outside world about our civic and social engagement.
Putting our employees at the center is an essential part of this.”, Jessica De Block clarifies.