Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Let us take control over your returnable packaging. From ordering packaging, to tracking it, transport it back, sorting, reuse, clean, rebundle and finally recycle. We will optimise your entire packaging pool and make sure you manage and control your assets.

  • Reduce administration
  • Improve your process efficiency

With the increasing trend towards environmentally-friendly products, returnable packaging is becoming more important, especially to the automotive sector. The advantage it provides over single-use packaging such as cardboard is clear: returnable packaging offers an easy-to-manage packaging solution with controlled, predictable costs.


  • A cleaner, uncluttered working environment thanks to the elimination of cardboard boxes littering the floor
  • A better-ordered and safer production area
  • A reduction in packaging waste
  • Improved inventory control thanks to box traceability
  • The rigidity of the boxes protects the valuable goods
  • The sealed plastic boxes give protection from moisture or contamination
  • The boxes have a standard shape, size and weight, making them ideal for an automated environment
  • Reduced carbon footprint