Consolidating Cross-dock

Tailormade Logistics operates an Automotive cross-dock site, located right at the heart of Europe: Ghent. Our automotive cross-dock works a 24-hour cycle and is aligned to production processes, focusing on rapid and efficient unloading of high-capacity MEGA trailers. In addition to unloading, marshalling, consolidating, and equally rapid and efficient side re-loading of MEGA trailers has become a daily routine.

In the automotive industry, working with cross-docking systems had become essential. This method of working provides for reconciling the conflicting demands of just-in-time production and low-cost transport processes. Therefore we combined our cross-dock activities with the WOW (Warehouse on Wheels) concept to improve our flexibility and shorten response times.

We provide a set of logistics services tailored specifically towards original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry. We offer you services that range from multi-user sequencing centres in close proximity to your customers' assembly plants to in-house warehousing solutions for management of your internal and external product flows.

Cross-docking operations are quite unlike traditional warehousing activities. It provides high-density storage, slick put-away operations and efficient and timely picking. Above all, the cost efficiency lies in the benefits of lower rates for the delivery address. Every day, goods are collected from more then 800 suppliers. After unloading those shipments in the cross-dock, the goods are consolidated again by delivery address. By using EDI links, the customer receives preliminary notifications regarding which product will be delivered, and in what quantities.


”Just-in-shop“: innovative ways to get your products into stores

Tailormade Logistics operates at Ghlin, Wallonia close to the French border, a fashion cross-dock. Every day (6 days a week) FTL goods arrive from several domestic and international distribution centres, and are reloaded into small vans and trucks for direct deliveries to retailers located in the main city centres and shopping malls.

Typical for fashion logistics is the variety of goods coming in: hanging garments, dollies, pallets, carton boxes, interior decoration, etc. Inbound deliveries can be in bulk/mixed pallets/box.

Our Fashion cross-dock offers following services:

  • Sorting
  • Splitting
  • Combining
  • Re-grouping 
  • Quality control

We believe our fashion cross-dock is the most appropriate solution for your retailing needs. We consolidate all deliveries coming from different origins, select the correct product for the right destination, and create value-added services such as labelling and adjusting price tags. Furthermore, cross-docking services increase the speed and precision without adding extra storage costs (and risks).

Wrinkle-free garments? You can count on it

We have decades of worldwide experience in working with hanging garments. Consequently, we are specialists in storing, selecting and preparing hanging garments to suit the requirements of specific businesses, so that they are ready for immediate sale with no need for ironing. This smooth, tailormade solution is managed using special IT systems, allowing absolute transparency over the flow of goods.

Our services: added value for you

As logistics specialists in the fashion and lifestyle industry, we can offer you a broad portfolio of value-added services. These include for example, attaching security or RFID tags, as well as ironing, topping and tunnelling. Regardless of the service you require - we can provide it for you!

Reverse fashion logistics

In addition to the incoming supply-chain of fashion products, Tailormade Logistics also takes care of reverse logistics (green logistics, closed-loop supply-chains, life-cycle assessment). The goal of these activities is to recover waste and unwanted/unusable products. Such logistics systems may generate cost savings for our customers and minimise the impact on the environment. We support our customers in seeking to monitor byproducts, residuals and products themselves and channel them into proper network positions for reuse, resale, remanufacturing, recycling or disposal.


How we can help you with a few simple changes to speed up your supply-chain?

Tailormade Logistics, located at the Port of Ghent, is perfectly located for receiving and distributing containers within 24 hours from arrival at ports, including customs. Containers can be picked up in Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Terneuzen, Vlissingen (Flushing), Rotterdam or Dunkerque.

It’s a well-known fact that containers are en route for weeks and practically always arrive too late. Once they do arrive, however, they need to be processed quickly. Tailormade Logistics makes this possible by immediately dividing goods up and placing them into distribution in accordance with your specifications. Containers are unloaded by our staff and placed on pallets. The shipment is meticulously checked for quantities, integrity and any damage. Distribution of goods can take place directly from the container or later, after the goods have first been stored at our warehouse. Transactions are carried out with the help of scanning, which reduces the risk of errors to practically zero.

We can carry out any kind of value-added service. Such activities can range from simple product-labelling to creating complex displays for stores. Quality checks are also carried out for products and any additives. One increasingly popular service is pre-pricing products before they reach the stores.

Our range of services includes:

  • Kitting/assembly
  • Testing
  • Packaging/repackaging
  • Configuration/customisation
  • Labelling
  • Repairs
  • Quality inspection
  • Customs clearance procedures and fiscal representation


Do you need additional info or are you curious how a tailormade solution for your business could look like? Feel free to contact one of our offices.