Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics focusses on the backward flow of materials from customers to suppliers. The main goal of this strategy is to maximise value from the returned item, or ensuring its proper disposal.

Tailormade Logistics considers reverse logistics as a core business. Reverse logistics is not only a way to recover value, but also an opportunity to reduce damage to the environment and develop social sustainability. Reusable packaging and the management of recyclables continue to gain widespread acceptance within supply-chains.

The challenge is managing these reusable assets efficiently.

Tailormade Logistics offers the following Reverse Logistics Services:

  • Packaging
    • Monitor, locate and pick-up packaging at supplier and/or plant
    • Incoming quality control packaging
    • Rebundle and reuse
    • Repair, refurbish and clean (washing plastic boxes)
    • Recycle and/or scrap
  • Products
    • Monitor, locate and pick-up packaging at customer
    • Incoming quality control products
    • Reuse and put away in stock
    • Repair, Refurbish
    • Recycle and/or scrap


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