Fashion Logistics

Be in the right place at the right time. And look good when you get there!

Demanding an increasingly fast and flexible set-up

Everyone in the fashion industry has to face the challenge of ever-shorter product life-cycles. With our dedicated solutions, we help you to remain nimble and responsive to market demands. We can support your entire supply-chain, from consolidating shipments from your suppliers to running efficient and effective distribution centres on your behalf. Let us ensure that your supply chain creates the required competitive advantage.

Multi-channel distribution

Fashion is distributed through multiple channels. In today's increasingly mobile market, an online presence significantly contributes to your customers' success. As more of your customers are developing and expanding webshop operations, we provide the distribution and IT set-up required to enable your supply-chain to continue to meet your customers' ever-changing needs.

Our fashion logistics services include

  • Garment preparation
  • Tunnel finisher - for all flat-packed goods
  • Trouser topper - for special trouser preparation
  • Steam ironing dummies - for jackets and other outer garments
  • Hand ironing - for special individual cases

Value-added services

  • Label attachment
  • Implanting security and RFID tags
  • Barcode production

Hanger recycling

  • Delivery and returns
  • Parallel to goods delivery
  • Quarterly credit for returns
  • Reuse of undamaged hangers
  • Recycling of discarded hangers

Complete execution of defined consignments

  • Definite capacities, specified delivery times
  • End-customer delivery minimises warehousing
  • Less transshipping reduces interfaces

Reverse logistics

  • Quality control, repack, back into stock
  • Recyclable disposable packaging


Do you need additional info or are you curious how a tailormade solution for your business could look like? Feel free to contact one of our offices.