Tailormade Logistics opens 6th branch in Gent

This month, Tailormade Logistics opens a new location in Ghent to support its further growth. 
This 6th site in the harbour of Ghent strengthens TML's network in the North Sea Port area. 


The new site is a multi-user logistic site. The recently completed newly built warehouse is rented from Weerts Logistics Parks, Weerts Group's logistic real estate division.

Bert Vandecaveye, Tailormade Logistics founder and CEO clarifies the inauguration of this new location:
“We currently have 28 sites in 8 Countries, including 3 logistics sites and 2 transport sites in Ghent.
This closed-knit network assures that we are always close to our customers, reducing the number of 'first-mile' kilometers. Once we receive the goods from our customers, they enter our network and are sent, possibly via multimodal transport, to a TML site near the destination.
Through this 4th logistic site in Ghent, we strengthen the Ghent section of our network.”


At Tailormade Logistics, recent winner of the Green Truck Award 2023, sustainability takes a central role. 
When selecting a new location, sustainability is an important criterium, one where this new site scores exceptionally well. 

The building comes with a BREAAM “Excellent” certification and features solar panels, heat pumps as well as smart led lighting. 
Rainwater is captured for reuse and there are charge points for electric vehicles.


Tailormade Logistics believes a robust multimodal offering is a mandatory part of any modern logistic player's services.  
TML doubled the share of multimodal transport within its service offerings in the past 2 years. 
When selecting this location, multimodal accessibility was an important factor.

The site's location guarantees good multimodal access: near the R4 ring road, next to the canal Gent-Terneuzen and close to the Interface Terminal Gent, an integrated intermodal terminal.
This ensures goods can be received and delivered by road, water (barge and short sea) or rail.

Bert Vandecaveye: "We are very pleased to inaugurate this new site in the harbour of Ghent. This state-of-the-art location demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. 
By Strengthening our network in Ghent, we are able to offer our customers the Tailormade solutions they expect from us while at the same time limiting their environmental impact."