Tailormade Logistics obtains 3 new certificates


With our new SQAS, IFS and BIO certifications Tailormade Logistics wants to highlight its ambition to play a pioneering role in the transport and logistics business. The certificates confirm the reliability, sustainability, safety and quality TML provides.


SQAS certificate underscores TML’s own sustainability initiatives.
The SQAS certificate evaluates the safety, environmental, security, health quality and corporate social responsibility of logistics service providers and chemical distributors enabling them to achieve supply chain excellence. With the main mission for chemicals logistics and transportation to be safe, secure and sustainable across Europe.


With the IFS certificate TML complies with the food safety standard.
The IFS certification is a Global Food Safety Initiative and confirms our reliable storage and transport activities.
TML ensures that our storage and transport is recognized with product quality and safety standards, supported by this certificate.


In order to meet the increasing demand for the storage of organic food products, TML decided to obtain the BIO certificate.
TML has now a recognized link within the logistics chain for BIO products, complying with the specific requirements.


Ensuring our high-quality standards and reliable supply chain, these 3 new certificates will be added to our existing certificates:

1. ISO 9001: Quality Management

2. ISO14001: Environmental management

3. ISPM 15: Use, repair and remanufacture timber packaging material

4. FASFC: Safety of the food chain

5. Transport licence: Transporting goods

6. Customs licence: Store bonded goods

7. Licence as Freight-forwarder: Shipments by road, rail, sea, air, and waterways

8. Licence for non-hazardous waste transport

9. Licence for storage & Licence for storage of hazardous goods