Tailormade Logistics inaugurates new site in Laakdal/Meerhout, Antwerp

Tailormade Logistics (TML) en Heylen warehouses inaugurated a new logistic site in Laakdal/Meerhout today. The 11th TML site in Belgium.
The new building was inaugurated by Heylen Warehouses CEO, Ralph Caspanni and Tailormade Logistics founder and CEO, Bert Vandecaveye.

Multimodale connectie naar Antwerpen

This new site, Tailormade Logistics' 2nd logistic site in Antwerp 2nd logistic, boasts an optimal connection to the harbour of Antwerp.
The site is well-connected to the E313 and situated adjacent to the Albert Canal. BCTN, the Benelux' largest inland barge terminal, is 1 km down the road.

Bert Vandecaveye clarifies this choice of location:
“Tailormade Logistics is proud to be a frontrunner within our industry when it comes to sustainability. In the last few years, multimodal transport's share within our total turnover has grown significantly. 
The location of this site in Meerhout, right next to BCTN and within 35 km of DLCT, the barge terminal of Grobbendonk enables us to expand our multimodal offering further.”

Logistiek netwerk met aandacht voor multimodaal

“With a logistics network of more than 28 logistics platforms in 8 European countries, a fleet of more than 600 vehicles and an in-house customs department, we can offer our customers a Tailormade end-to-end solution.” Vandecaveye continues.
“Our locations are strategically chosen to optimize our multimodal service offering: short sea, barges and railways, combined with road transport. This new site fits within this philosophy. 
Besides this, we expand our presence in the Antwerp province. TML already has a freight forwarding office for sea and air freight in the heart of Antwerp and a logistic site in Westerlo.”

State-of-the-art magazijn in de logistieke hot spot van Belg

Apart from the good intermodal connections, the new warehouse is situated at an ideal location. We can safely call Antwerp Belgium's logistic hot spot.
On top of that, Belgium itself is a logistic hot spot within Europe, as part of a densely populated area with well-developed transport networks stretching from the NBorth Sea to northern Italy.

The 32 000 m2 building with integrated office space and a mezzanine expanding the storage space with an additional 5 000 m2 was constructed by Heylen Warehouses in accordance with the latest norms and guidelines. 
As soon as the site is operational, a BREEAM certification will follow.