Tailormade Logistics grows company car fleet with 10 electric vehicles

Tailormade Logistics, winner of the Green Truck Award 2023, is today adding 10 electric company cars to its fleet.


The electrification of the company vehicle fleet did not take place overnight.
Last year, solar panels were installed on the roofs of the warehouses in Ghlin, Westerlo and Ghent, generating a total production of 6700 kWp.
In addition, 120 charge points were installed, spread over the main Belgian sites.

Once this production capacity for green electricity and the charging infrastructure were in place, the first electric vehicles were purchased.
In 2022, 9% of the company car fleet were EVs. The goal is to increase this to 50% EVs by 2025.

With the delivery of these 10 new electric vehicles, Ghent-produced, new generation Volvos XC40 Recharge, the share of EVs in the fleet increases to 33%.

Bert Vandecaveye, founder and CEO of Tailormade Logistics: “These 10 electric vehicles are more than just company cars, they represent our belief in a cleaner future."