New Equipment

Tailormade Logistics has chosen the new generation of, eco-friendly Volvo FH trucks, which feature the latest safety upgrades and provide high performance in terms of fuel economy, speed and power. TML was established in 1996 and, over the past twenty years, it has expanded its fleet to 50 trucks, 200 trailers and 100 containers. The company invests in the most appropriate equipment for each individual client, based on our three core concepts of quality, flexibility and safety.


Safety is a core value at TML, which is reflected in the options we select for our new equipment: Euro 6, I-Shift, VEB+, ESP, Lane Keeping Support with Driver Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning, Emergency Braking & Alcolock.

Adaptive Cruise Control, combined with Emergency Breaking helps the driver maintain an even speed and a pre-selected time interval to the vehicle ahead. The ACC-based radar detector surveys the road. In the event of a collision risk, it automatically assists the driver in emergency breaking. If there is a slower vehicle in front, the radar automatically adapts to its speed. Then, when the road becomes clear again, the truck returns to the selected speed. This new emergency breaking system has helped to significantly reduce road accidents.

Driver Alert Support

Inattention, distraction and fatigue can be fatal for a long-haul truck driver. Driver Alert Support helps drivers concentrate and keep their eyes on the road. In addition to Lane Keeping Support, the system monitors driver behaviour and steering-wheel movements. If the truck begins to sway or drift, a warning system alerts the driver and suggests taking a break.

The fastest and most fuel-efficient vehicle

After safety, fuel consumption was a decisive factor. The truck’s engine is connected to an I-shift with Eco mode for added fuel conservation. TML trucks are equipped with an on-board Driver Coaching module and a Dynafleet system, which includes modules for fuel & economy, driver times and positioning.


TX-SKY is a fixed-mounted on-board computer with touch screen, which is fully integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office software and connected as standard to the vehicle’s software.

TX-SKY registers all driver and truck information as well as data from other sources, such as temperature sensors and document scanners, providing a secured gateway between driver and dispatcher, while integrating them in back office applications. Scanning: TX-DOC enables the driver to speed up the paperwork in 3 steps: send, receive and archive. The two-way document transfer between back office and truck guarantees smooth planning and administrative processes.