We expanded our nationwide warehouse network, with the opening of our new logistics site in Ghlin, Wallonia. Due to the continued growth in the last few months, we decided to expand our enterprise, by opening a new logistics hub facility in Ghlin, Wallonia. The expansion of our nationwide warehouse network is a result of the increasing demands of our customers. We follow our customers, where they need us to be. 

This start-up, initially created to support our fashion logistics activities in the area, unrolled itself into a success story. In a few months, our logistics and transport activities in Ghlin increased drastically.
As a result, we are already making plans to expand our facilities in the near future.  Interested? Contact us. We can amplify your developments in the Wallonia region. Because there is no business like your business. 

Hidden secrets of Wallonia

Wallonia is one of the most attractive upcoming logistics regions in Europe. By 2020, Wallonia will be in a front running position to become Europe’s most attractive logistics and industrial hub. The upcoming success of this area is enabled by 4 main advantages:

•    Excellent quadrimodal transport infrastructure
•    Accessibility to the main European  gateways
•    Availability of industrial land
•    Quality and availability of manpower

Are you interested in our logistics activities in Ghlin? Do you maintain a lot of activities in the area? Or do you want to know more about Tailormade logistics ? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.