Imagine your customer asks for a construction site or trade fair-delivery, but there is no forklift present to unload your goods. What to do?

Now worries! We bring our own forklift truck. Tailormade logistics provides you the most suitable loading and unloading conditions by using a portable forklift trailer. Truck-mounted forklifts are an important asset for successful businesses throughout all industries, helping to make more deliveries in less time.

Loading and unloading challenges

Construction site? Trade fairs? Private-owned properties? Tailormade logistics’ forklifts are unrivalled in performance and reliability. Every vehicle is equipped with the latest features for optimized load handling they help you master typical load handling challenges:


  • Fast deliveries result in improved operating efficiency and allow you to deliver more goods in less time
  • No more waiting on offloading equipment and personnel on site
  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Reduce product damage during transport, on-and offloading
  • Deliver anytime, being entirely independent from other offloading equipment and personnel
  • You pick and choose your load order. We can access and offload your goods from any location of the vehicle
  • We offer premium customer service, delivering on demand, on time, efficiently and directly to the location required