Tailormade Logistics publishes its sustainability report 2022

Tailormade Logistics, Green Truck Award 2023 laureate, shares its vision on sustainability with the publication of their sustainability report 2022.
The 2022 Sustainability Report provides stakeholders with an update on the sustainability initiatives and targets reported in the 2021 Sustainability Report.


With this report, TML does not only want to highlight its own sustainability initiatives. It also wants to play a pioneering role within the sector. That is why Tailormade Logistics' vision on sustainable logistics is also being sharpened.

Bert Vandecaveye, founder and CEO of Tailormade Logistics: “The 2022 sustainability report illustrates our aim to continuously evolve towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly logistics approach.”

The 2022 Sustainability Report, with more information on the implementation of electric vehicles, multimodal transport solutions and other environmentally conscious initiatives, is available on our website: