New DAF Trucks for Tailormade Logistics


In 2019 Tailormade Logistics bought 25 DAF tractors and 16 DAF trucks, to our satisfaction.
Because this year, we purchased an additional 50 first New generation tractors (40 XF 430 and 10 XG 430), as well as 15 CF 430 trucks.

Comfort and sustainability

Bert Vandecaveye, Tailormade Logistics CEO: "As with our 2019 order, the purchase of new DAF tractors is largely inspired by driver comfort. 
With its new generation vehicles, DAF certainly has a considerable lead over its competitors in this respect."

"Our drivers were are already very pleased with the level of comfort the last generation cabins offer. The new generation XF and XG tractors further improved upon this. Thanks to the progressive design, drivers now enjoy an even better overview on the road, reduced operating noise and driving comfort. 
With safety in mind, we also opted for the additional window in the passenger side door and a camera system that replaces the mirrors."

"Another aspect is the promised 10% reduction in fuel consumption. A considerable amount, which will help us to achieve our sustainability goals of reduced CO2 emissions.
Sustainability, safety and comfort are 3 important pillars for DAF and match our philosophy perfectly."

The new trucks are currently being delivered through 2 DAF dealerships: TH Trucks Gent and Garage Peeters in Hererntals.

HVO: a step towards more environmentally friendly vehicles

"Based on our own research, we are convinced HVO is currently the most sustainable solution," Bert Vandecaveye continues.
"DAF supports us in this. Because all DAF vehicles can run on 100% HVO without any problem. With HVO, which is based on used vegetable oils and animal waste, we achieve a CO2 reduction of 89 %, a 33 % reduction in fine particle matter and a 9 % reduction in nitrogen. 
In addition, about 10 % less fuel is needed compared to diesel. In 2019, we invested in the construction of two HVO filling stations (one in Ghent and one in Ghlin), so that we can fill up at our own sites. This enabled us to already reduce our emissions significantly. Because of the price, which is still double that of diesel, we mainly use HVO for shorter distances, not all transport assignments. For the future, we consider mixing HVO and diesel for all vehicles and, in the longer term, using home-produced green hydrogen as fuel. Another area in which DAF is also active."